Woman and dog
Current Preoccupations:
  • Readings on climate change and the Anthropocene.

  • Permaculture and sustainable living.

  • A half-hearted attempt to become proficient on the ukulele.

  • Hiking, bothies and camping with the pup.

  • The pup. Always the pup.

It’s all connected,

It's all art.

Maybe I can keep track of it here.

I don’t know about you, but this tweet makes me feel seen.


I’m the kind of person who has five or six notebooks going at any given time. Usually, I start out with some kind of order. This notebook will be a travel journal, that one is more of a personal diary, the blue one will be for taking notes in class – actually no, I need a different notebook for each class, so the blue, red and green ones – and then over there is a planner that will essentially replicate my google calendar but be abandoned for long stretches of time.

That abandonment is really the only constant. None of these notebooks will ever be fully filled – instead they will be left to sit, most of their pages still empty, because a newer and shinier notebook will take over, only to be abandoned in its turn.

The challenge is always the discreteness of the separate journals. Because I crave order, I want separate spaces to document the various facets of my life, but I don’t actually experience life that way. A true product of a liberal arts education, I learn through exploring the connections between things. 

But if the separate notebooks feel fragmented, the One Notebook to Rule Them All approach doesn’t work for me either. It feels chaotic – too intertwined? – and I can’t find things when I want, which makes it harder for me to see the big picture, to see all those connections I love so much.

(Plus, as a disastrous attempt at Bullet journaling drove home a few years ago, I have terrible handwriting.)

I’m hoping this will be a place to hold all of this. A space that can hold my explorations, and allow me to re-arrange findings, collage ideas, and draw conclusions – or even just ask new questions.

I imagine this site will change and morph depending on what is pulling my attention the most on any given day. I'll try to keep the Preoccupations box somewhat current with things that are occupying my mind.