When this is over...

When this is over

I'll spend a morning moving from cafe to cafe

drinking coffee and eating cakes.

I'll ride the bus. Go to the shops. Wander in an art gallery.

I'll go the theatre.

See a play.

Immerse myself in the lives of others.

I'll visit pals, hug friends, revel in the uncomplicatedness of it.

Early the next morning, I'll head to the hills.

I'll load my pack, grab the pup, and jump on a train, then disembark in the wild.

Corrour maybe. Or Rannoch.

We'll walk into the wild, swim in a loch, sleep in a bothy.

We might make new friends, play cards in front of an open fire with strangers who are no longer strange.

Or we might be on our own, just the pair of us alone in a hut at the edge of the world.